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Dumb Native staring at a Rock!
Here is an ancient stone carving of a man busy on his computer. The keyboard, monitor, and ergonomic chair are easy to confirm; all are plainly represented for history. Maybe as historians try to make young kids believe, it is just some dumb native staring at a flat rock waiting to see if it will grow? Click here for the true story.
As you take the time to study history, you must realize cover-ups are everywhere. If it does NOT fit with evolutionary THEORY, then you should NOT be allowed to discuss such anomalies. This stone carving from Mexico is a clay etching by a talented artist. The facts uncovered when archeologists carbon-dated artifacts dug up in Mexico finding them to be 500,000 years old. Their permits to continue digging were with-drawn, then years later renewed. When they arrived at the dig-site, a drug cartel had built their compound on the exact site. This website is built using Elementor Pro 3.3.8
These people do NOT want the truth known, use whatever is necessary to make further research near impossible. Archeologists could bomb the drug cartel’s compound, then if still living, could continue their research. World governments do NOT believe you need to know truth, you should only believe their propaganda.
Here is some really Good News: I do NOT try to sell you on Shopify; it’s based out of Canada and a website on their platform can cost you a lot of MONEY every month. That’s no problem if you are already selling online with Amazon. You are experienced with Shopify and like their Terms & Conditions and like to pay their HIGH Fees.
There is a Better alternative: it’s called Shift4Shop, Shift4Shop is the most compelling ecommerce platform I’ve come across in a while and has the best chance to dethrone Shopify.
Shift4Shop is essentially the exact same ecommerce platform as 3DCart. In 2020, Shift4 acquired 3DCart and decided to make the platform 100% free when Shift4 is used as the main payment processor.
Prior to the acquisition, 3DCart struggled to compete with venture backed competitors like Shopify or BigCommerce who had much deeper pockets to spend on marketing and sales.
But now that Shift4 has taken over, Shift4Shop (aka 3DCart) now has the funding and the value proposition (it’s 100% free) to compete with the industry leaders in ecommerce. READ the article
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